Family Court Attorneys Are Scum Who Prey On Families

My husband's ex-wife is a complete idiot and her attorney is a greedy son of a *****.
I will keep this brief:

The attorneys drag it out and cost thousands and tens of thousands of dollars to the families.

The country wants to legislate anough- I say LEGISTLATE AND REGULATE THE LEGAL INDUSTRY.


These attorneys act like they are so against the other side, yet high-five each other on Carribean Cruises every year....WAKE UP, AMERICA!!!

We are all so afraid of scams, well,...........this is the biggest!!!!!!
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I can't agree more. I'm going through a divorce and I believe my wife's attorney is telling her not to settle. I've asked for binding arbitration. In the end we're both going to lose everything and our
lawyers win. I know the movie Divorce Corp is coming out, but I'm scared it'll just get me more depressed than I already am.

They are! They drag things out, preying on people who are hurting and desperate, just to run up their bills. I know they aren't all like that, and I'm hoping the one I'm about to hire isn't (I hear she's not a "heavy hitter") I didn't even want to hire a lawyer just to divorce a man I was married to a year who was emotionally abusive and cruel, but he went and hired one of those big expensive firms to represent him and I just law in the papers he's asking me to pay his damn fees! I'm so overwhelmed. I tried to take him to court on my own for contempt since he harassed my friend and I found a bunch of pics of guns and knives and me on photobucket, and they claimed he wasn't served, yet I paid a private server $60 to serve him and paid $20 to FedEx the papers to the server. He was served almost two weeks before the hearing and acted like he didn't know what it was about (according to his lawyer) and if he wasn't served how did she call me the day before and ask for a continuance. I just went out in the hall and started crying. Why should I have to hire a lawyer just to get the hell away from a man who treated me like ****?,? He lived in my apartment that I paid all the bills on the entire marriage and I'm sure goes to his lawyers with this sob story (he's good at playing victim) like I'm some cruel *****. I even paid to move his furniture into mini storage that I paid for!

I just wanted to add one more thing. Even for an attorney for the Juvenile could be free of charge. It's called legal aid. They have what you call legal guardians that would represent them with no fee whatsoever. Many of these juvenile delinquents get arrested from School Safety Agents, who also act as police officers when a juvenile commits a crime. Many o these crimes are also committed on school grounds.

I replied to this story and for some reason it just disappeared. I don't know why, but I will try to reply again. The Family Court System consists of many different matters. There is Child Support, Custody, Visitation, ACS (Advocate for Children's Services) , Juvenile Delinquency arrests and placement. The list goes on and on. I am not too sure about everything else, but there's one thing that I am aware of with child support matters and juvenile arrests. I will start with child support issues. A non custodial parent or what is called a respondent has an obligation to pay for child support, whether it's one child or more. Both parents played a role in bringing the child or children into the world and both should support the child or children. Sometimes the non custodial parent (ncp) could be the mother or father. Sometimes the custodial parent (cp) could be the grand parent the aunt or the uncle. It wouldn't matter. It's whoever was awarded custody. Many ncp's try to move constantly to ditch the obligation of paying support. If they refuse to pay support then, maybe they should relinquish their parental rights. Of course it shouldn't be forced, but if the ncp volunteers not to pay and not to also be in the child or children's life or lives, then that would make sense. The attorneys who represent these cases don't always charge the person they are representing. Some of the work for the 18B list, where it's a list of attorneys who provide services free of charge. They are really good. The 18B attorneys are paid by an agency. As for Juvenile Delinquency arrests, there is a placement offering for these individuals until they could get their lives together. Or course they would be arrested for committing crimes, like grand larceny, which is one major issue, and assault, attempted murder, possession of illegal narcotics, child molestation, which they would do to younger students. There are some stories I could tell you, true stories of what these kids do, and how they start so young. It is so sad. It's also sad when a ncp will do whatever they can to get out of providing for their child. It's bad enough that they don't have the custody, so why be so irresponsible and leave the burden of financial hardship of the cp? So it all depends on what Family Court matter we are talking about. I am not too sure of the other Family Court matters, but the two that I have just mentioned about I am totally sure of. Peace...

Family Court is a bad place for families to be in. It's hard waiting for children to age out of the system so their lives can go on.