Not Just Fo' Brothas Anymore, Know What I'm Sayin'?

I'm not sure about anywhere else, but where I live, EVERY time I see a PAWG with a man who's obviously her significant other, it's ALWAYS a black dude! WTF?! I have to ask, why is this the case? Are the white guys oblivious to the delights? Or do brothas have certain other attributes that the ladies desire (it can't be size, right? I hear that doesn't matter. *ahem* yeah, right)
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KassieKat, I don't think the 2 definitions are at all mutually exclusive. I think the latter lends the right semantic nuance to the former. You are definitely phat in MY book! Hell, I wouldn't mind you packing a few more pounds on! but I wouldn't want you to have health problems. I still like to see an obvious waist.

I wasn't fishing for a compliment... but thanks so much! :)<br />
<br />
phat1<br />
–noun<br />
fat<br />
<br />
phat2  <br />
–adjective<br />
Slang . great; wonderful; terrific; superb.<br />
Origin:<br />
1960–65, Americanism ; respelling of fat<br />
<br />
Example used in a sentence: "After she came in his mouth...he flipped her over and ate that Phat *** like it was his last meal."<br />
<br />
So I'm thinking this term doesn't merely refer to the size of a woman's ***...but how a guy feels about her lovely ***. I thought I would bring another opinion to the table. :)<br />
<br />
Very interesting discussion. :)

phatnhapi, I think you have it nailed. Of course in my position being married, spreading the love is not a welcome concept, lol. insold2004, I was trying to be tongue-in-cheek about the penis-size comment, but I guess it didn't come through. And I limit my generalizations, admittedly already limited in validity, to my own local observations.

I am an Irishman and I LOVE fat, beautiful, women exclusively! I am not sure that I like some of the generalizations. The New England Journal incidentally officially did away with all of the stupid, lame generalizations when it comes to penis size, all depends on the individual and his genetics. I love big girls and I cannot be the only one,....

Black men just seem to be relaxed about sensuality in general. They do seem to prefer the wonderful fat on a woman's body. They are not hung up about their preference not being socially acceptable. So the white culture needs to get that relaxed and admit how much they love the big girls too. Look for them everywhere, talk to them everywhere, go out on dates everywhere and love them here everywhere:) Bring on the love all you brothas of every color :) lol xoxoxo

I suppose your brother is probably right on both points. But then, there are certainly enough large-bottomed Afr-Am girls to go around with plenty to spare. Yet I don't see them coupled up at nearly the same rate (either with Euro American or African American guys!).<br />
<br />
Your giving up on heterosexuality sounds like there's a bit more going on there than just not being able to find a mate of your preferred physical type! Interestingly, I remember from high school numerous examples of obviously gay guys hanging out with larger girls, usually as friends. Sometimes even the girls would want the guys as boyfriends, and wonder why they'd never make a move.... hmmmm....