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I live in Texas, the fattest state in america. Want to know what's wonderful about it, at least 80% of the population is overweight and gluttonous, the other 20% is people like me who can't gain a pound no matter what (we make a small 3%) and 17% of that is health conscious people, who by whatever reason, try to lose weight and end up weighing twice what they did before trying to lose weight. At the rate it's going, all-you-can-eat will be the hottest new diet term.
Zurea Zurea
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3 Responses Jan 23, 2013

I love all-you-can-eat!

Bring on the pounds!

You said it! The diets are actually making people unhealthy because the lack nutrients!

Yeah and japan has started in some apartments 'the more you weigh the more you pay.' most unfortunate indeed.


Its another way people show their corruption while showing their isms. Sad really, never did understand such parts of 'human' nature.

nope. Just the parts making big and sexy people!

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