I’m sorry if a offend anyone but I don’t find fat people attractive even with makeup. You can dress a fat person in designer clothing and hire the best stylist but they will still be fat and ugly….Pain truth..I don’t hate fat people just hate the way they look.
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Also, I don't want to feel this way, I wish I didnt. I guess its time to try another diet,

I agree. As I am overweight and my body is ugly. I have been ugly since I was 12. I'm 36. This makes me angry and sad. If I was thin, my life would be better. I try and become thin every couple of years...im a uk 16. I wish I was good enough.

Being capable of hating another human ba<x>sed entirely on how they look, says a lot about personal inner beauty - some have little to spare - possibly none. Everyone who hates has their excuses for hating but it all boils down to intolerance. I feel sorry - very sorry - for people who destroy a bit of their own souls because they hate. I'd rather be fat or ugly and love other people, whatever they look like, than be gorgeous and hate others because their looks offend me.

exactly idc how pretty ya face is if ur fat ur ugly. im cute in the face like crzy but imma fat girl

No fatties allowed! Not going to sugar coat it because you'd eat that too! It's time to lose that weight. Yeah sure love yourself and all that, but while you can put lipstick on a pig, it's still a pig!<br />
<br />
Profuse apologies to all those suffering from "that which makes me unable to lose weight" whatever official term that may have. A doctor has certified you fat - congratulations! Now put that biscuit down and stop getting mad at the rest of us for not liking what you shouldn't like!<br />
<br />
I'm sorry, am I mad? Ha ha - personal issues talking here. Please continue as if I never posted...

I'm new here but being a person that was slender and nice looking in my younger days I think I may have a little different take on this topic.<br />
6 years ago I had a hysterectomy that added 20lbs in about three weeks. It felt like over night though. <br />
I had only been married for a short time before I was told I needed this surgery. My weight has increased every year since and I exercise, and diet and nothing happens. The last 6 years I have gained 40lbs and I do hate my appearance It is painful, degrading, depressing and has cost me alot.

I empathise totally. I hate my weight and body...Why is it so rubbish? I am happy when I forget my external being, but wouldnt it be be great to feel good in it? I hope you are doing well:)

So many comments about how "what is on the inside is what counts" and "inside beauty is more important than outward appearances," and while a agree with both of those, no one has said this:<BR><BR>I can appreciate looking at a well sculpted body (Brad Pitt in 'Fight Club' springs to mind...mmmmmm.) But really, I am attracted to men that look "real." A belly is cozy and attractive to me. I happen to be attracted to men that aren't what is considered the sexual ideal. I know I'm not alone. <BR><BR>There are men out there that prefer a woman like myself, one with curves, and hips and ***. So like Fallentower said, "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder." There are men that even are mainly attracted to women that are quite obese. There is something for everyone. If we all liked Chevy's, no one would drive a Ford. Get it? Its all subjective. Extra pounds on a person is what some people actually prefer! So while inner beauty is the most important, don't suggest that outward beauty is one size fits all--or that skinny is what everyone really wants to be, or wants their partner to be. <br />
<br />
Autimom--33, 5'5, 147 lbs., far from skinny and fine with her body!!

aka007 you don't seem to understand this simple fact....most of us "fat" people are not really happy with our weight..we know we are overweight but we are also human beings with feelings and emotions and many of us ARE trying to lose weight and we have put up with people making nasty comments and giving us nasty looks for all or at least parts of our lives. we are not usually overweight by choice there are reasons some of which are health related and some of which are psychological in nature that have caused us to be the way we are and quite honestly your words do hurt some of us. i found out several years ago that i am diabetic and i have been trying to lose weight ever since....the first 50 pounds was pretty easy but since then i have been unable to take any more off and have actually gained 5 pounds back. my doctor doesn't understand that i am eating bettter and i am exercising but the weight won't come off...now he is testing for other problems such as thyroid but that test came back negative as well he is stumped and i am frustrated as hell. just try to remember that overweight people are humans and we want the same things out of life that you do ok.

i don't totally agree with that. words can do more damage than being punched in the face and the wounds last alot longer. but if the words were coming from someone i knew, had a relationship with, it might hurt. coming from a stranger, they're just words. someone i don't know can't hurt me. they might be able to **** me off but not hurt me.

If someone is truly happy with themselves what other thinks shouldn’t hurt them. As they say “stick and stones may break my bones but words won’t hurt me”<br />
This is for all those who think the group was put up to hurt people.

After reading the 49 comments listed...I don't care what your size is...It's the inside that counts for me! Oh look, here comes my hubby with his little pot belly. I love you Sweetie!

i couldn't agree more, rick. be happy in your own skin and to hell with the rest.

grrr!!! i'm supposed to be taking a break from commenting but this needs to be said. wynhaven....look at the comments again you say that for every nice comment there are 10 mean people but the evidence here shows just the opposite! for every sad mean person who wants to judge us by our weight it seems to me there are many more who feel that is wrong. aka007 and mzbogart have been getting torn apart in the comments here...honestly i'm not sure that is the right approach either because everyone is entitled to their opinion....i think the best approach would have been to ignore them. the important thing is for all of us fat people to be happy in our own skins.<br />
<br />
Rick 43 yrs old 5'10" 257 lbs (down from 300 at one time)

don't let it get you down, teri. i know that's easier said than done but this is just the opinion of one person and you know what they say about opinions. personally, i'm not about to stop living my life or lose any sleep over what someone thinks about my size. if people's opinions were going to kill me, i would have been dead a long time ago.

you are a sad, sad, sad person. lol i pity you.

i think it's fine to have this group. there are hundreds of groups dedicated to 'i hate people who....'<br />
it's all the same.

tekkamaki....well said, I agree.

You know, some 'fat' people can't help but to be fat. Some of them have health problems that makes it hard for them to exercise. Some have thyroid problems, and that is one thing that makes it VERY difficult for someone to lose weight. I honestly think skinny people are ugly, how about that. You can see every bone in their body. God forbid they get into a fight with someone, they will be in the hospital for days from getting their fragile bones broken. Do us all a favor, and save us from YOUR ugliness, eat some f*c*ing food!<br />

"I may not agree with what you say, but I will defend to the death, your right to say it." <br />
VOLTAIRE, the famous 18th century French philosopher

It's true Indy. There are many of us that can exercise tact and grace. Those pointing the finger never realize they draw attention to themselves for the very thing they are pointing out. (Saying it's a fact and that's how things are is a strong statement, not an opinion.)

EP is a place where we can share feelings and express thoughts/opinions, there is not a doubt about that and all are welcome. Some thoughts, feelings, opinions, and beliefs are better off left unshared and kept to oneself out of common respect, consideration, and sense however. TACT goes a long way, and so does politeness. Obviously msbogart thinks that nobody who disagrees with this story has any right to feel as they do.

oh bah! give me a fricken break. it's an OPINON. i thought ep was here so that you CAN express what you feel you can't in life.<BR><BR>Hell, just because it rubs you the wrong way, doesn't mean a damn thing except to you.<BR><BR>The fact of the matter is that obese people are not pleasant to look at. And sure it depends on your aesthetic. So that would still make this an OPINON.<BR><BR>Infact, your reactions to this are just as "mean spirited" if not more and actually turn it into a "mean spirited" thing when it wasn't out to hurt anyone so much as it was to just express an opinion. So try not to get so defensive, it only brings out negativity in you.

My only question is: Do we really need a group devoted to fat=ugly??? I mean, I know we're all looking to connect and find meaning all, but ... ugh.

One things for sure this is the way to get as lot of comments. Offend as many people as possible. BTW howdidigethere would u send me all ur pics so I can be totally shallow

I used to be on match.com-- I am an attractive 5'8, blonde hair ,blue eyes athletic chic that drives a jeep and flyfishes. I didn't put pics up so that I could avoid the shallow people out there that would just mail me for asthetic reasons... people that not only think but have the "balls" to say hateful, hurtful things like this. I would be curious for you to expose yourself to everyone out here and let yourself be judged as you have judged. It must be hell living in a perfect world and being flawless. You are missing a beautiful part of this world if you truely feel this way. My mother is morbidly obese and she is an angel and anyone aorund her is lucky to know her - I can only aspire to how beautiful she is on the inside.....

I used to weigh 350 lbs (as recently as 2002). Somehow the weight started coming off....very rapidly at first.....so fast that I got scared and went to see a couple of doctors. They could not find anything wrong with me and concluded that my metabolism had kicked in and sped up. I went down to a weight of 215 lbs and held that weight for about 4 years. Its the "skinniest" I have ever been in my life since around age 6 or 7. My weight has started to climb again, though I am still not as heavy as I once was. I do have a body mass index of 39-40 which places me in the obese catagory ( though to look at me most people are surprised at that). I am actually going to get a stomach band when I can afford the surgery, as I am almost 42 years old and my metabolism is slowing again. Plus there are other medical problems that are hereditary to me and Ive just been blessed not to develope....yet. I have lived with the comments, insults, rejections, judgements, and cruelties all of my life. I am very fortunate to have found some people who truly dont care that my body is larger than the average man's and not the "ideal". My precious wife if one of them. I am one of those people who is sensitive to the scars deeply cut and left behind by all of the shallowness in this world (and especially in American society and culture). I have developed a natural resentment to being reminded of what I already know so well day in and day out.

lol i'm sure this is just another skinny person, never seeing past her own looks. Selfish. So shallow i can step in a puddle of you and not get wet. I am not skinny, at a healthy weight. However, my younger sister was twelve when she found out she had a thyroid disease and she is overweight. She's exercised, struggled, listened and have been put down by people exactly like you. But you know what, when i look at her, i see such a strong and beautiful person. She lives everyday with her diseases and crap she was born with. I'm sure whenever people see you, they see just another shallow, and ugly person. SHALLOW=UGLY!!! Now just go look in the mirror and keep telling yourself you're beautiful, maybe one day someone will be stupid enough to believe you.

The standards we are spoon fed as "skinny" is not an ideal nor is it safe to be that way. Skinny can be disgustingly unhealthy...this is coming from a 94lbs four foot eleven woman. I just think promoting a healthy attitude about bodies is FAR more important than picking on who is skinny and who is fat.<br />
<br />
I tend to be pretty picky on fashion and make up at times. I think anyone who has a good sense of proportion and style will look good in anything no matter what. If they are comfortable in their own skin that beauty standards don't apply. Beauty is subjective but if they find their own beauty than that is great. I don't think it is up for other people to bring out permanent markers and judge...circling flaws like they are incorrect answers to a test.<br />
<br />
Think of it this way, you might not like larger sized people but acting like there's no hope so they might as well run out the door looking like garage is...there's no other word I can explain this except you discriminate people by size. You pick out a physical feature of someone and decide you despise that.<br />
<br />
Whatever that means for you doesn't mean you're a hateful person. It just means that you have some hangups about superficial features of a feeling and thinking human being. I am sorry you are so troubled by that. I hope it gets better for you.

Thanks for all your comments. I open this group not to promote hatred but for people who have to same feelings I do to tell their experience. They might think their wrong or not. It's their opinon but in no way am I promoting hate. I know i'm wrong but that is how I feel.

Thanks for everyones comment. Yes, Rick you are exactly right. Don't know if it's a sickness for me. I know I'm only cheating myself. Just the way I feel.

I must say that agree with these guys. Fat people are well aware of their size and shape. We're taught that big is not beautiful, but the outside is just that. The outside is just that, the outside. The inside is what counts. & your insides do not seem to be that pretty.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Simple as that.

Ugly people come in all shapes, sizes, color, etc.<br />
<br />
and this post doesn't make you look good at all :)

My mother was a large woman who struggled and agonized over her weight her entire life. She was also beautiful. The most beautiful woman I have ever known.

Sounds like fear, fear of fat, of you being or getting fat.<br />
<br />
Brut---nice job! Crack me up!

I feel the same way about stupid people too. I mean, you can put a stupid person on a website, and give them an avatar to go with their thoughts and opinions, like a sleek anime character, but they are still stupid. Sorry if I offended any stupid person, but this is just how I feel.

Interesting thoughts...see that one of your goals is to have lost 10 pounds in a week...all of this sounds much more like self loathing to me...get therapy, get medication and practice rigorous honesty with yourself...SS

very well said rick!

thats the way i feel too indy. you never know what you could be missing out on being so narrow minded but i'm sure not the one to try and change anyones mind simply because i don't care enough. opinions are like ********, we all have one. JJ pass the cookies! lol

You're more than welcome sweety. I have never been exactly "skinny" myself and Ive dealt with these shallow people all of my life. Its a shame too because they are missing out on some great company, friendships, and possibly even relationships.

thank you indyjoe and i agree completely. needless to say, this fat person won't lose any sleep over this person's statement today.

This IS NOT an opinion.....it is a hate statement regardless of how you may 'sugar coat' it. Yes there are overweight people who are that way just because they dont care how they live or take care of themselves (but they dont even deserve our hatred). However, there are people who are overweight for reasons that are beyond their control like medical. Overweight people are well aware of their body size and shape, and often they feel "fat and ugly" so they dont need to be reminded of it....and they especially dont need to be criticized and hated. I think your "story" is absolutely shameful. And THAT IS AN OPINION.

how can you hate one and not the other? to me, it's one and the same. you are entitled to your opinion but i don't think the world is going to stop turning because of the way you feel. it's seem like fat discrimination is one of the last acceptable forms of discrimination.

It would be nice to 'see' a person for their characteristic personality, their values, and their talents, rather than their size.<br />
<br />
I grew up a size 8 (Australian) which was 45kg x 5' 8<br />
<br />
When i got to about 40 I became ill and was diagnised with thyroid condition.....permanent....<br />
<br />
then because I have lung problem I was placed on steroid treatment for 18mths......my weight ballooned to double my size....<br />
<br />
I'm<br />
still the same person I was when I was slender !