Maybe I Have Cacomorphobia?


Today I was at Taki’s catching up with my gal pal Robin. An overweight person walked in and my stomach and arm tighten. I didn’t finish my meal. I wouldn’t go as far to say I was disgusted. I have overweight friends right? Thinking about no I don’t just have overweight acquaintances. Karen one of my best friend she is over weight but I didn’t meet her this way. I know she struggles with weight as I do. Am I vain? I care about people of all sizes. I know sometimes we can’t help being fat. Than why is it that when I see a fat person all I notice is the fat. Not their eyes or their hair but their weight. Sure if I get to know them I would get over the weight issue. I guess that’s why I accept the way I am. Maybe I have Cacomorphobia?
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Cacomorphobia is an irrational fear/terror of fat people and is a legitimate phobia. You guys are just intolerant ********.

The person inside might be beautiful but sadly the outside is what will either grab a person's attention or turn them off and those are the facts.

I don't like fat people either; not because they are bad people, just looking at them sitting in fast-food restaurants, on McDonalds drive through window and in "all you can eat" buffets makes me sick and disgusted. They are so lazy to park little further ahead, because they don't want to walk couple feet to groceries or any other places. I think, fat people are threat to National Security. Can you imagine, if there was a war in US? it would be so hard for national guard to protect the country, because whole country is fat and can't defense itself. :)))

You know, I *know* I'm NOT vain, as a matter of a fact that has never been used to describe my personality by others (well, no to my face :p) and I too, can't understand the whole obese thing. <br />
I can see how you can let yourself go with a few 10-30 xtra LB but anything over 50 (without there being a cause like recent child birth, pregnancy, or medical condition) that, well, I just don't get. <br />
Why? It is unhealthy, it is just so wrong, just up there with not caring for your heart or not wanting to exercise. <br />
It is NOT about looks it is about keeping a good healthy body.<br />
I don't like to stare, but that has happened to me as well, where an obese person is within view and I swear I loose my appetite. <br />
<br />
I hope no one gets offended but I am anti-obesity. <br />
<br />
I have been *huge* after child birth but as God is my witness I did everything in ,my power to loose all the weight as healthy as I could, I takes years and it is hard but not impossible.<br />
Then there are those who say I cant cause of my body type....hmmm..what a Lie. There are a few ppl here that know me personally and they can attest to the fact that I'm as volumptios as they come, but my waist is small, so yes it is achievable...Like I said hard but achievable.

Too skinny can be pretty gross too! Being overweight is all about how you carry it and yourself. How you dress and keeping your hygeine good. If you dress sloppy or look sloppy then you emphasize your weight more, you just look bad! there is nothing worse that an overweight person in a crop top and tight jeans! That stuff is meant for slim people with good abs!

It really depends. Define Fat? Pleasantly plump or 100s of pounds overweight? I like women of all sizes, there is nothing wrong with voluptuous curves.