Where Did Healthy Go?

The debate between fat and skinny has gotten ridiculous. Neither one is healthy.

Too skinny and you're at risk of osteoperosis, organ failure, premature aging etc etc.

Too fat, and you're at risk of heart disease, diabetes, circulatory problems etc etc.

People should think about what is healthy for their bodies. Usually a little weight is good for the body, but too much doesn't do it any good either.

You need to get some perspective here.

This isn't a battle between anorexia and obesity.

Where are all the lovely average, healthy bodies and their voices reminding people that its wonderful to be healthy enough to enjoy life?


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"Healthy" is a catch-all phrase that says nothing, really. Some people are healthy at 20% over their "ideal" weight while others are not healthy at any weight. <br />
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Obsessions about anything are a waste of time, whether it is weight, appearance, success or other things.

There are some people that are healthy at 20% under their ideal weight too, you know.

I don't think all of you are reading this story before you comment. <br />
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I posted here so that I could send a specific message to people who were judging weight purely on aesthetics.<br />
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But while I'm here commenting, I'll tell you what I personally think about weight. This is a personal opinion. <br />
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I don't find people who are grossly overweight attractive. I'm an average body size myself. And I don't find people who are underweight attractive either.<br />
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I think that at either end of the extreme, who you are gets lost in whatever your body is.<br />
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I could say that its sad that people get judged for how much they weigh, or what they look like, but its a human condition. We all find flaws in everyone around us. So if you are overweight, and you don't like being judged then you do need to do something about it. Because being overweight isn't something that you can hide. The same goes, in my eyes, for underweight people too.<br />
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I think, though, that you should focus on what's healthy. Indyjoe wanted to tell me that he's a harger man and he doesn't have any health problems. Well, that's fine for him. He might be lucky. But saying he wants a lap band tells me that he is obviously unhappy with his weight, because that kind of procedure is invasive, life changing and often dangerous.<br />
Did you know that lap bands can starve you of essential nutirents? They can deprive you of your ability to sustain yourself.<br />
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Its not enough to say that everyone is beautiful thedarknesswillgrow. Because we aren't, or at least, we aren't all making an effort to be beautiful people. Broad statements like that are made to give brief, shallow confidence boosts that justify, often dangerous, behaviour patterns. And being an amazing person, heidstelzig doesn't make you aesthetically beautiful. So I will agree that weight isn't what makes you a good or a bad person, but it does contribute to your appearance. And if you'd read my story propperly, you'd see I advocated a healthy, in between body shape, not a 115 pound body.<br />
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Fatuglyuselessgirl, you should change your name. Because the only person who can really make you feel bad about your weight is yourself. Its good that you have a goal to be healthy, and to have a family. But don't do it in a negative way or you might never succeed. Be proud of who you are.<br />
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And that's my thoughts on all of your comments.<br />

That's not what she's trying to say. You can't base weight off of a number. I weigh about 115, but I have basically no muscle. So yes, I am actually fat. Being "overweight" or 'underweight" is outdated; percentage of fat vs. percentage of muscle is what actually determines health.

I think that everyone is beautiful no matter what, you cant say "fat people are ugly" or "Skinny people are ungly" becayse there are so many different types of fat people and different types of skinny people, so you can categories everyone like that....

I am an artist. I can see that nature has it's design and I can see beauty in nature and natural forms. I love to paint animals. Wild animals are not fat. <BR>I can see character in scars. I don't mind drawing scars but do I find them pretty? Er, nope! I see a lot of obese people as drug addicts. Why? I ate for comfort for a long time, I had self esteem issues, it was a cycle... I do not find the scars of my addiction to be beautiful. Should I? I should say I lost a lot of weight whilst taking speed (Amphetamine) from age 15 to 21. It harmed my teeth, should that be considered beautiful? Ok, I need t not give too much importance to it, that is it. It is a matter of being over sensitive about my image. My biggest fault in this is wanting to be unnatractive, whist worrying about not being attractive.. 0.o

I definitely have to agree with you. : )

kudos, the two extremes are no good.