I Was a Carbo-holic, Fat Was My Scar

I am an artist. I can see that nature has it's design and I can see beauty in nature and natural forms. I love to paint animals. Wild animals are not fat.
I can see character in scars. I don't mind drawing scars but do I find them pretty? Er, nope! I see a lot of obese people as drug addicts. Why? I ate for comfort for a long time, I had self esteem issues, it was a cycle... I do not find the scars of my addiction to be beautiful. Should I? I should say I lost a lot of weight whilst taking speed (Amphetamine) from age 15 to 21. It harmed my teeth, should that be considered beautiful? Ok, I need t not give too much importance to it, that is it. It is a matter of being over sensitive about my image. My biggest fault in this is wanting to be unnatractive, whist worrying about not being attractive.. 0.o

I wanted to keep people away from me. I stil wished I was popular, but I wanted everyone to stay away.

I hid food in the clothes in my [closet] and would eatit during the long boring hours in my room. My room was like a cell. I used to shoplift when I was 11-15 and get lots of stuff that would keep , under [closet] conditions... so Chocolate and biscuits...


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I would venture to speculate that she has poor circulation due to a lack of cardio-vascular excercise and perhaps also a clogging of her arteries due to intake of saturated fats. I was referring more to eskimos and how you'll never see a skinny eskimo or one who avoids consuming fat. (not that I know any eskimos! lol)

Trust me, fat doesn't help in the cold either. My wife is obese and complains about how cold it is all the time. It's funny seeing her fat self laying about the house wearing a coat at all times even though it's close to 70 degrees F inside. It's more to do with metabolism.

Haha! Good comments :))<br />
Yeah, there are different ways of interpreting the group heading and I really wanted to write a story about fat as a poison, but I didn't in the end, I should write more about it flowing though my arteries and clogging them up etc.. I HATE the stuff, i think it's gross. But then, if I lived in a very cold part of the world i would have the opposite view of it. <br />
I think there are also ways of using the word beauty, and we could have a long and fuitless discussion on that.. yes we all need to have 'character' those things that are us are us, but do we write 'I am fat' in the about me box? No of course not. It is not who we are, it's just a buch of useless crap to carry around, while it slowly poisons.. Pop (soda) is poison too. That sh!t is drugs for little children. Some end-up sugar addicts for life.<br />
If it's green, it is easy to grow. Guerilla style...

Chica, fat is disgusting, on me anyway. I don't think others with fat are though. Fat exaggerates the form and makes it more beautiful. Just my opinion...Scars also are beautiful to me, they show what that person has been through and overcome. Not all fat people eat constantly either, I do have an addiction...Mountain Dew...can't drink the diet **** and I drink 2 cans at least a day....that's why I'm fat. But let my give you a little piece of advice...if it's not green, it's obscene...lol! I know I'm a fat pothead dumbass!