I’m sorry if a offend anyone but I don’t find fat people attractive even with makeup. You can dress a fat person in designer clothing and hire the best stylist but they will still be fat and ugly….Pain truth..I don’t hate fat people just hate the way they look.
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haha...personally, I'd rather be fat with a pretty face, than have a great slim body, with an ugly face. You can change being fat much faster than being naturally ugly.

I've had sex with quite a few fat women. Many prostitutes in the US are fat, but you don't know until after you meet up with them in their apartments or motel rooms or wherever. It's always disappointing to get a fat girl, but the sex is usually pretty good anway. Once you slip your penis into a woman, it usually feels pretty great, regardless of what she looks like. Plus some of those fat girls were really soft to the touch, and they had humoungous breasts that were nice to play with.<br />
<br />
So overall, I prefer thin to fat, but fat women are pretty awesome too . . .

When did u last see him

Ben's not fat...no way..

******* hell AKA007 you will need to change ur name to AK47. the last lot of your stories I've read are all inflamatory. Are u winding us all up on purpose? C'mon tell the truth u luv everyone, especially Ben affleck? and he's a fat bastard

Ignorance............. Now that's uglier than fat! I can lose weight, but the ignorance remains........

Well I'm not fat and I think this story is disgusting. If you don't think overweight people are physically attractive, fine. Everyone has their criteria for what attracts them physically. But to go out your way to call them ugly and post a story that you know will hurt peoples feelings is ugly.

Thanks for all your comments. I open this group not to promote hatred but for people who have to same feelings as I do to tell their experience. We all need help.

Personally, AkA007, I think people who can't spell are ugly, especially simple words like "ugly" and "I". But hey, I'm entitled to my opinion, right?

You sound vile. I'm bulimic and have gone through agony not to be fat. Yes your entitled to an opinion, and this is mine. I think you need to grow up, and appreciate people for who they are not how fat or thin they are. Plus, beautiful faces always beat skinny bodies. And no I'm not a 'fat' person.

She doesn't know what she's missing out on drcynic. Limiting yourself to only thin people is her loss. Yes, I'm fat too....

Now wait, she's entitled to her view. I can't fault her for thinking someone like me is ugly. That's just the way of things. Nor should she be faulted for expressing her opinion. <br />
<br />
After all, it's her and people like her who lose out on someone like me who has what I have to provide. After all, I'm rich and semi-famous. I have hobnobbed with celebrities, and I knew George Carlin.

I am not fat. Not even close to it. But I think that people should be judged on the "content of their character" and not by their weight of color or gender or race or whatever. And if I were judging on the content of the character of someone who thought that someone's weight determined their beauty... I would have to judge that person as ugly.

Thumbs down AkA007! Your are entitled to your opinion, but how shallow can you go? There is so much more to people that what you can see on the surface!

yes, i'm fat and i oppose her view though i think she's entitled to it. and i know plenty of people who aren't fat that would and do oppose it also.

anyone who opposes your view i think must be fat. If not, then they probably agree with you (on the inside).