Thin Vs Fat

Mostly in today's society, being fat is considered disgusting, unhealthy and unattractive. But believe it or not, about a thousand years ago and around other time periods, being fat was not always like that. In poorer countires, to be considered fat was to be rich because to afford the weight on your belly, you had to have access to a decent amount of money and vice versa.

It's like having a tan, these days its considered to be good to the eyes to see a taned body. Back around the ages when there was hard physical labor, working out in the sun gave you a muscled but taned body, which was considered unattractive.

I have other examples but i don't think they are necessary to use because they all prove the same thing: that fat has been apart of humanity for an extremely long time and that it was once considered by many as attractive. Even after all these years, i have a feeling that could and never will change....
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1 Response Aug 3, 2010

That reminds me of the book the Hunger Games, katniss (the main character) starts talking about how to be fat in the village is a sign of wealth, not embarrassment and to be old isnt something to hide or be ashamed of because it means they lived long and are healthy enough to be 60+ in a place where people normally die of starvation around 12.