Fat Vs Drugs

It becomes a really harsh reality when you realise that in the end, these two are both killing you in their own way. But that doesn't mean they are viewed the same in society, nor is it considered similiar to any health departments and researchers.

1. Yes, its true, a fat belly will kill you, but it doesn't take a genius to figure out which one will kill you faster. As a person gets fatter [or older and your body's condition doesn't improve] gradually your body will weaken, your organs suffer badly and your heart is put under a lot of strain. but take this into consideration, depending on what drugs you take, you propably won't get much older from the day you take it.

2. After the number of car crashes you hear on telly, how many of them are to blame on drugs? quite a few i think, now how many car accidents have been caused because a fat belly was messing with a person's mind? i dont think they're really has been something like that before.

3. Effects: they're are many problems that are associated with belly fat, organ problems, muscle problems, laziness, even Alzhiemer's Disease and Dementia. They're probably aren't as many problems with taking drugs, but I remember reading something once while in hospital about a guy taking ecstasy. that the
"organs ALL shutdown at around the same time, his nervous system broke down, and his muscles slowly liquified"
or something like that and
"victim's temperature rose above 50 degrees celsius or 122 degrees farenheit"
and believe it or not thats not a joke.

4. Sure, smoking cannabis isn't too bad if you only smoke it once or twice a week. But is belly fat that much different? if you only have a stomach circumference of 90 cms / 35 inches, and have a healthy diet and decent excercise, you should be a able to live an ok lifestyle.

5. Of course there is still the problem that "fat people eat lots, fat people eat junkfood and crap" and that we do barely any excercise. For some of us thats true, but then there are others who eat healthy, excercise as much as they can, and still struggle losing weight. Its those people you should feel sorry for, rather than abuse. As for drugs, well too put it simple, the majority of drugs that we take, how many of you know whats in them, regardless if there prescription or illegal drugs? I certainly don't.
Drugs like ecstasy and speed are most likely made in someone's back yard, and they're a combination of methylated spirits and other crap... Would you really wanna try it?
Prescripted drugs are a bit harder to accuse but at the same time aren't really any different. They weren't made naturally, anyone can suffer from side effects or have allergies towards them, and we can ALL die if we overdoing it.

6. There are fat admirers [people who like fat on others] and BBW's and BHM's [people who enjoy being fat themselves]. I don't think there are any who love seeing someone smoke several joints in ten minutes. Sorry, but i don't think it would turn me on :-/

After writing all this, i might be wrong about some, right about others and might have missed the point a few times [sorry, im like that :) ] But am i wrong to view it that way. Drugs are considered illegal for a reason, being fat isn't, not unless you want to make a new law and sue over a billion people.

And if you still can't decide, then look it up, i can only convince so many but im pretty sure a doctor's opinion will work hundreds of times better than mine.
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1 Response Aug 8, 2010

If I had to choose, between being fat and being on drugs, I would choose to be fat. There's a Ron White comedy routine called "You Can't Fix Stupid", and drugs, over a period of time, will affect your brain. You can fix being fat, if you choose to do so, by excercising and eating right, but once you've damaged your brain, that's it.<br />
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I do think the point of your focus group here, however, is that you shouldn't have to "fix" being fat. That you should be accepted by mainstream society just as you are, and I agree.<br />
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I think the fashion industry needs to be attacked and targeted. Once upon a time, Titian painted beatiful women who had beautiful curves. Now, starvlings are being promoted as the standard of beauty, and do you know why? BECAUSE THEY MAKE THE CLOTHES LOOK GOOD!!!!!! AND THAT IS WHY FAT PEOPLE ARE NOT BEING ACCEPTED IN SOCIETY!!!!! MARKETING!!!!!! AND THE FASHION INDUSTRY!!!!!!