Not Just Accepted, Encouraged!

We should all be fat, it's what we're meant to be! I guess some people still have to be able to get off their ***** and work (I guess that's what skinny people are for) but as long as I can afford it I'm sooooo happy being fat and getting fatter. I eat whatever I want and I try to get as little excursive as possible. I can't wait until America is like Wall-E!! I just need someone to gain with me and give me enough fat babies to speed that up a bit ;)
fatkitty66 fatkitty66
6 Responses May 20, 2012

A huge, heavy, hoggy heaven! lol

I want to fat like on Wall-E! I'd pig out all the time!

that'll be SOOOO great!

well i could

The Place you think of sounds like fun.

lol. I wouldn't gain with you because I'd need to be able to go to work to take care of you, but I wouldn't mind giving you lots of fat babies xD