It's A Shame Society Hasn't Accepted This!

I think it's sexist that society deems a mothers role more important than a fathers when it comes to raising children. After all not all mothers are maternal and in some couples the father stays at home to take care of the children. I know lots of dads who dote on their children.

My mum and dad have had an equal impact on my upbrining and who I am as a person. People see qualities in me that remind me of my dad. Last year I was in a play with someone who had played tennis with my dad when they were younger when they found out the connection while they were a bit surprised as I don't look like my dad (or my mum for that matter.. I'm more a mix of both) they instantly told me how it made sense as my personality reminded them so much of my dad.

Some people say a fathers job is more important when a child is older but my dads actions impacted me from a young age. While my mum brought me dolls and Barbies and dressed me up my dad brought me train sets, lego and a giant Tonka truck. He also brought me running shoes and active wear and we'd go on adventures. My dad thought it was important that I was balanced and not gender sterotyped from a young age. He taught me that I can do anything as cliche as it sounds. That what I do, what I accomplish and who I am as person is more important than how I look. Growing up most of my female friends would worry about how they appeared to the male sex and measured their self worth through their looks while I couldn't of cared less.

My dad was always there for me. When my parents seperated he would run everyday after work ... 10km to tuck me into bed before working a second job and then going to his own house. His parents were wealthy enough to offer financial support but he wanted to be independent to pay off a house so that I would always have a home if need be. That is what I call dedication and love.

Now I live with my dad while I finish my last year of university. I lived mostly with my mum growing up.. and now it's nice to spend some time with dad.

Fathers are as important as mothers and I think it's a shame in some court cases that mothers get the custody when they don't deserve it simply for being female.

I hope society starts to realize how important dads are. <3

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3 Responses May 6, 2012

nice....I am happy that you did realize this..... well I realized this once I became a Dad myself ;)

I found it was The same for me. Dad took care of me almost as much as Mom even though he had a job that required some travel. Mom would sleep in and Dad would take care of us on days when he didn't have to go to work. Mom did the majority, yes, but Dad did all he could for us in the time he could get. THis included the diapers and the toilet training. It's a shared responsibility, each parent--MALE AND FEMALE--contributing what each has to offer. Pretty good arrangement, potentially. Love NOelle

Very well said! That kind of sentiment is way overdue in our society! Unfortunately our culture still favors mothers over fathers in nearly every aspect. I am glad to know there is a woman with a brain out there! Thank you!