Each Home Has It's Own Unique Personality

My father wasn't the perfect father at all. I have four siblings (all girls) and we all see him as dominating/strict, the-man of-few-words. He sees us simply as girls fit for taking care of our ownselves, keeping good manners, being polite.  And taking care of the house. He participated less to achieving my goals while growing up, reaching for my dreams. While he sees to it that what he said must be done according to his instructions.
He's strict instructions in the house, his demands and his few yet strong words that would somehow ring a bell sometimes, now that I have my own family, has somewhat given me light and reasons to follow through my instincts. I know that most of my ways of thinking has been influenced my the ways how I saw how we were brought up. His rules, his ways of thinking, I can say has contributed a lot to my personality. But on the other side of that strong obvious part of him, I can remember him introducing to us children's plays, performing fun magic tricks. Giving applause to my artworks (at school). And could remember the strong grip to my hold my little hands as he would lead me to cross a busy street on our way to school.

Though he isn't that much with giving compliments, I always felt I always want to have his approval, the need to please him. Perhaps even reaching this stage of my life, I would love to please him, a his daughter. Just a bit, but not as strong as it was when I was younger, or while I was in childhood.
(but that part would go to another part of my growing up as an individual)

Seeing the reasons how the fatherly image has brought a sense to my own ways of raising my own children, I came to accept and see more that side of him. Admitting to myself that my father's existence, though there were not much to tell about him being a good father either, the most prominent side of him as far as his paternal role was concern, has given a lot of thoughts for me now that I am married and have my own family.
Though he had an affair outside his marriage life and cheated my mother all his life, he still did things that a mother can't do. Or did what he has to do as the man of the family, as a whole. Like seeing that my sisters have the most important in life, prioritized. Providing shelter for each of them and giving support to their marriage as their sponsor/supporter, having that father image.
I had come to realize that I have so much more to say about my father's personality, than of my mother's. Though I hate to accept, even to date, ofcourse both have contributed to who I am now. But the paternal role that he played has obviously contributed to my being. And believing that credits not only goes to mothers but also to fathers as well. The good features of the male species, as fathers, are also important role in raising a child and keepin a home.
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I do feel the different sexes contribute different things to a child's upbringing - although I know many excellent single parents too. Its a lucky child that has balance in their lives, and adults around them that can make this happen. Awww, I miss my dad!

Couldn't agree more with the single parents. There are people who are not really strong enough to be alone, they just really needed someone to push them through with parenthood. But others I see well who are strong enough to manage responsibilities with home and work as well as a single parent. Thank you for your kind comment. I sense a warm adorable kind of daughter inside you.

there was and never will be anyone like my dad.

LadyR, another awesome, heartfelt post by you. Thank you. You make it so easy for us to see into your life, almost as if we're watching a movie.<br />
I'm guessing your Papa did a number of things right for you, after all ... look at how you turned out. **hugs**

RnR. . . Thank you for your dearly comment. I really felt that I have said what I really thought about him, yet reluctant in accepting since he really has shortcomings as a father. But as I advance in age, I'm starting to sense that I have his ways of thinking, and somehow understand it altogether where he was coming. (((HUGS))) at you.^^

What a great look into how you became you.....The environments we come from plays a HUGE roll in how we think and feel about things. I really love how realistic you are.

Aww you too, I love how you bring smile to your friends. Thanks Sierra.^^

awww.... thanks and hugs... :)