I Feel So Lost...

I was always used to not having a stable father. Sometimes he's depressed, sometimes he's hyper, sometimes he's angry, sometimes he's not home....I was used to it, cause I had my mom.

But recently, I met someone who gave me a sense of security. A type of security different than my mom's. It felt so strange, that at first I wanted to reject it.

When I'm with him I feel so safe and happy. I feel as if as long as he is beside me, things will be alright. And I know these feelings are different from feelings of love.

But I only knew him from a program I used to go to. And now its over and...I'm not used to not having that security. Now when I see other people's fathers with their children, I feel a kind of yearning. 


Do I have some sort of father complex or something?
kiwoco kiwoco
18-21, F
Jan 9, 2013