I KNOW that fear is a very powerful aphrodisiac.  I know from experience, both my fear and the fear of my partners.  Anticipation of impending doom, letting the fear of what is to come will intensify any sexual encounter. 

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Do excuse the slow reply, but i don't often get near a computer, I'm not being rude honest!<br />
I don't think there is anything wrong with talking to 'Mistress Jade' I have thoroghly enjoyed our brief encounter. I hope to continue chatting with all my E.P. friends for a long time.

Ahh, now THAT I understand!! <br />
<br />
Hey, what is wrong with speaking to Mistress Jade? ;)

not so much keeping e.p. a secret, but, i don't think the wifes father would be too impressed if he found me using his computer to talk to someone called "MistressJade" and i don't think he'd be happy about some of my stories.

Why in the world would you have to keep EP a secret?

I was on the computer at my father in law's house, he was downstairs on the phone. I have to keep E.P. a secret from him.<br />
I do generally get turned on by the thought that some one might catch me doing something i shouldn't be doing.

Why? are you being naughty?

OOH YEAH.<br />
Like the fear that someone might walk in any minute and I'll have to log off quickly!

So true. You can see this in a lot of fantasies and fetishes.