Is It a Story As Such???

I Think Fear Is An Underestimated Aphrodisiac".

People seem to get caught up in the sanctity of 'normalness' and refuse to let their true natures evolve due to either conditioning or pressure from others.....I mean often do you turn around and say to your lover, partner, bit of fluff, whatever...'hey..instead of just screwing on the bed in the missionary position why dont I grab a handful of your hair and force you into submission". Yeah yeah I know that theres a few out there..(myself included)  that have no qualms about going there..but I ask you this..have you ever looked into anothers eyes in an intimate clinch knowing that they were afraid..but completely aroused because they were afraid? is DEFINITELY an aphrodisiac if cultivated and let out in a controlled and consensual and negotiated manner. Dont run off and grab a carving knife and yell to your girlfriend/boyfriend "Hey..I wanna kill ya..wanna ****!"...chances are it wont work and youll just end up in the clink with your ***** to keep you company. A lot of subtle Dom/sub areas are aroused when fear is used.....but I digress..and that is a whole other story..isnt it?. *grins*...more to come?..who knows...

Blackwolf Blackwolf
41-45, M
Aug 7, 2007