Until you stop feeling like a victim, you're always going to end up feeling hurt and destroyed.  You have to pick yourself up and stop acting like a victim.

You may not have had any control over what happened to you that hurt you (ie what caused you to become a victim), but you have all the control in the entire universe and beyond to be the strong person that you will be.  Getting out of the victim mentality takes time, but great, wonderful and lasting things always take time to become real.

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3 Responses Feb 26, 2010

Exactly, unobserver. All we can do is move on. There's no point of looking back at what hurt you because then you just end up staying hurt.

Amen! I agree 100%

You are absolutely right. Feeling like a victim is almost as bad as laying down and believing that you deserve less than you want out of life. Until you can find strength to move forward, you're forever going to be what you perceive yourself as--a victim.