Reality Tv Has Opened My Eyes To A Lot

I don't think I have a fetish there are things I like but not totally obsessed with anything.  I have to say shows on a bunch of different channels has educated me on some fetishes.  A guy completely in love with his car and having a sexual relationship with that- wow never seen such a thing.  A guy finding women online to satisfy his foot fetish,  women barely dressed bouncing on balloons popping them all sorts of ways, a guy zipped up in a latex body bag, and a newly tattooed dominatrix in the back of a cab telling her story all on TV now.  There are countless other things which I find all very interesting.  Maybe this will help Americans learn more about themselves and to accept that everyone in this world is different in thier own way.
BrittneyS BrittneyS
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2 Responses May 15, 2012

LOL the one I saw he was very committed to his own car!

Ooh I saw the doco of the car lovers, very interesting when they caught the guy sneaking out at night and rubbing one out on the other guys car.... lol.