Combination Of Fetishes, Humiliation Role Play, Impregnation Fantasy, Dominance, Daddy Little Girl, Sex With Clothes On

I have a boyfriend I want to please greatly. He has a number of fetishes which I am okay with...the trouble is I am a curious soul and want to know more in this arena. Knowledge is power...and the psychological evaluations never impress me. Overall, I believe he has a domination deal, which is fine with me. Combined with humiliation role play, spitting in my mouth, nasty names...and dress up, which I am happy to oblige that (although he checks with me b4 he says anything which may jeopardize our union) and impregnation fantasy play and the "daddy" role as well. This in no way effects outside the bedroom, I would just like some feedback from anyone who may know of combo fetishes and what I can do to allay his fears he is crazy..I told him he is not. This is basic RAW biology which our society tries to's the core of sex and intimacy and sometimes the key to a relationship where one person requires control - at least in the bedroom, and the other person needs to relinquish a bit of her control, okay..a lot of her self control. I am older, he is younger, the perfect sex match...I want to know more about where he might have acquired these fetishes..there are many speculations...just wanted first hand, so to speak :-) on the subject. He will tell me when he's ready, but I am not pressing the I'm still learning my roles! Thanking anyone in advance for your replies...I need mostly male opines as to where you may have acquired these festishes in your youth or women who are in the know. My kind regards, learning4him
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Ima guy I have any fetish out there mainly feet.diapers.forced to eat own *** its all about the humiliation

Anyone else having this experience? Would be helpful to me..