My Birth And Pregnancy Fetish

For as long as I can remember I have been aroused at the sight of seeing someone pregnant and watching the process of childbirth. I find it an amazing miracle, and at the same time very beautiful and erotic. I also love how woman sound when they moan when they are in labour, and I prefer watching natural birth’s with little involvement from doctors/midwives. I’m not a misogynist who like’s seeing woman in pain the sound just turns me.

I also love seeing a woman's naked swollen belly when she is pregnant.

I used to watch a baby story when I was younger and made a youtube account so I could watch process of giving birth all the time and it has not failed to turn me on. But lately it just doesn't seem quite as satisfying

I also have a fantasy to one day have anal sex while a woman is crowning giving birth, and to help deliver babies naturally.

I’m 19, male. Feel free to message me if you share the same fetish or this interest.
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Jan 15, 2013