Hot Firemen?? One Was & One Wasnt!!

my little fasination with hot firemen (ok I know they perfer to be called firefighters) started in 1995 when I was buying a firefighter calendar for a friend. I had a peek through it & I was blown away!! WOW!!! since then I have always gone a bit weak in the knees when they zoom down my local High St!! Or even not zooming!!


Last year there were 2 at the local hospice fete I went to . One was so hot. I immedtly went like melted chocolcate when I saw him!! the other guy was' nt hot but me & my mum had our pic taken with them & the hot guy was so far up his own backside it was unreal. I suppose it was because I wasnt a beautiful woman. When I had the pic developed he didnt even look at my camera

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1 Response Feb 15, 2010

firefighter here:)