It's All Coming Back...

I think I am a natural flirt, I'm sure my mother was my role model. I always thought her to be elegant, approachable and funny around men. Flirting with other women is fun too....I kind of got lost for a decade or so with kids and being a wife and thinking that that part of me shouldn't come out anymore. How sad is that, especially when it's something that makes you and the other you're flirting with feel ALIVE and wonderfully human and appreciated.

Today I flirted with a man I know a little, who is a lot younger than me, he had his shirt off as I rode by on my bike and it was all I could do not to ride into the nearest tree - his torso is freakishly kickassingly superb, he's VERY cute! Anyway, he returned the compliment, and I've smiled all day. That's it, just yummy nice warm feelings I'll translate into other yummy things when I hop into bed tonight with hubby :)
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Sep 18, 2012