A Wink And A Smile Can Make One's Day

I believe that a wink and a smile can go a long way to making someone's day. It's a mild diversion from the complexities of life and it's certainly not doing any harm, particularly to the recipient, and that's as far as it will ever go with me.

Now that I have been married for a number of years, I rarely engage as I did in my single days, but on occasion I may see a man who catches my eye, or I may wish to amuse myself and there I go again with a wink and a smile.

It tickles me a bit is when I encounter someone who looks surprised like, "What...wait, was she winking at me?" Then he may look away, but eventually, I'll see a hint of a smile and know he was really flattered and that it made his day. I know the feeling because I have also been caught off guard. Then there are times the both of us are right in sync -- a quick wink and a smile before going our separate ways. Oh yes, there have been a few times I've had to creatively excuse my actions to someone bold enough to pursue. That's interesting.

Of course, this brings into question is mild flirting right if one is married, or in a committed relationship. The answer to that question is clearly no, but it's still pleasant past time I enjoy from time to time. (wink)
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4 Responses Nov 6, 2012

mmm. Despite my great age & marital status, I still enjoy a little flirt too. It's naughty, however I notice that most women are more sophisticated about it than most men ..

love it when you flirt,,

I've never had a wink and a smile in public, I seem to be quite invisible.. But I flirt with the ladies behind the counters of places I do business with all the time. A few of them call me "honey" or "sweety" , it gives the interaction a more personal touch, I like it :-). Sometimes I think I'd like to be my dog Missy though, she always gets a pet and a treat...

Probably...I have a feeling some groan when I walk in or call and some might say I'm a character. I seem to give people a challenge allot of the time.


Nice, Skyy :)