Yip, Definitely

He stands at 6 feet 3..... ;P

Floydian Floydian
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Hehe it does? What does it imply? And then i am assuming jrjh also has a meaning to it?

Hehe and mines too easy lol. If you would not have told me i think i would have stuck with calling you 143! Now hows that for a name! :P

anytime for you :)

haha ok because it was really hard to get a nick out of your username =D i'm floyd btw :)

Hehe thanks, was just saying it sounded weird...you are really nice too..um i am confused..what do they call you on EP?

Aw sweet, thanks :) you are an awesome friend too *hugs*<br />
<br />
I have been there but slowly i learned to be rude..lol sounds so bad when i say it like that...

Nobody likes being rude, some just are and others are because they have to be...i dont like being rude neither do i like being the victim of rudeness but todays world we have to be at the both ends of it, i am sure you have had similar experiences :)

Just make sure to know that being rude is a necessity in today's world sometimes :)

Ah ok, then i'll just say you are very very polite :)

My pleasure :) you are not new to Ep are you?

haha no worries. strangers and friends alike are welcome :)

Hehe 173 is good if you were any taller i think you would stick out of the mass of girls lol :P

hehe ok! Still a long way to my head! Plus the way i am keeping my hair these days i bet they add another inch! lol

I'm not 17..I'm 173...baka!:)

I know, ok, make that 11, Im 5'4

hehe really? you are just 5"3? And btw 12inches is a foot! :P

dude, you're lik 12 inches taller than me :(

hehe i am guessing she is just the right length!

Well i really do have to walk with my head sideways at times but well yeah a lotof time i am not paying attention and boom, you know it hits really hard when it happens! :|<br />
<br />
Hehe i guess we are! though 17cms are almost like 7 inches! hehe! =D

haha,I am tall :)

Phedo, you sound tall!

hehe well then you are probably just the right size amongst giants and dwarfs! ;)<br />
<br />
You know its that! :P

I'm 173..weare the perfect husband and wife!

so really... you walk with your head to the side? Or just walk into things?

psh, whatever

hehe you must be the dwarf in the family then! :P

it would be something like 190 i am guessing...

haha never saw that coming but well it does happen and its not good, especially walking with your head tilted sideways or not being able to walk on pavements because the tree branches are too low... :(

tell me in cm..I am European :P

Do you hit your head on stuff? I bet you do... I bet that explains a lot.

hehe and what height are you?

Lots of time? I dunno :|<br />
<br />
Dude you are just annoyed because even with your heels you know you will just look like a kid next to me :P

Show off

well i have pretty much stopped, i wonder if i will grow anymore...

Hehe thanks! ;)

Wow! I look up to you,<br />
<br />
6' 3" is something to look up to,

Yeah hell you do!!! :|

I miss you. =(


hehe try looking at my ghost image in the album you may get an idea ;)

Now you, I'd believe to be that tall...course I've seen your face... I've only ever seen an avatar for Floydian....

Really? You're that tall.... hmmm you seemed shorter somehow.