The Queen Of Foreplay

A while back, I met a Finnish girl who was in Australia on holidays for a month. She decided she wanted me and was going to make sure she got me. When we first got to the bedroom, she took all of her clothes off, she couldn't wait for me to take them off for her. I couldn't believe what I was seeing, she had pretty big t i t s, and my first ever blonde bush. Then she took mine off. There was no messing about getting the two of us naked, nothing sensual or sexy, this was just dirty. The moment we were both naked she looked at my d i c k, told me that she liked how hairy it was (thankfully for me, the days of men and women having a forest in their pants has gone). She then started sucking my d i c k but wouldn't let me c u m, she said that she would make it up to me, she promised. Then after I started ******* i n g her she said, "I still want you to c u m in my mouth" so when the time was right, and I could feel my d i c k about to explode, I pulled out, ripped the c o n d o m off and put my d i c k in her mouth and filled it full of c u m. We ended up ******* for the 4 weeks she was on holidays, and the only foreplay that we did was her sucking my d i c k. And every man will tell you that is the best foreplay you can have. She was the most unselfish lover I have ever had. And I blew in her mouth every single time we had sex. A few years later we met up in London to *******, and guess what the only foreplay we did then too, and that was the way she wanted it
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31-35, M
Dec 10, 2012