I Belive To Forgive Is Human

I belive to forgive helps you move on.
but when you dont forgive bitterness sets in your soul.
 and this unforgiveness wont let you move forward .
 to be bitter time stands still and you cant turly move on
to forgive unburrdens your soul to let goodness in and so you can
move on . and some times its just better to move on and eccept that you cant do any
thing about the passed its like spilled milk clean it up and move on. but when you dont
the milk stains the heart and soul . this bitterness sets in and heardens your heart
and when your hearts hardens you cant let love in with love comes joy .
with joy comes life .
lunnas lunnas
41-45, F
3 Responses Aug 4, 2010

same here . but i know from my life its hard to forgive when family have betrayed you <br />
its very hard . and some times i am only human and i fail too

thank you both for you good points.<br />
destiney, i belive the same dont forget , maybe learn from what ever it was that needed <br />
forgiveness may be some one has hurt you like i was hurt it was hard to forgive but i learned<br />
i was holding on to the deep pain and hurt and i coulnt move on , its hard some times to forgive<br />
but i never say forgive and forget , becalse to me to say that very thing is like telling some one not to feel thier pain , like telling a little boy dont cry . some times crying clenses the soul .

Very true-forgiveness is the cornerstone of virtues, Lunnas. Who are we that we could hold so high a position above someone else? Much communication is required when therevare injured parties, but truly loving people will reconcile their relationships. great post :-)