It's A Joke, That's For Sure...

Fox News is info-tainment, not reality-based news coverage. It is heavily scripted to incite, and reform opinion. When it first came into being, it was perhaps a bit more legitimate. At this time in history, we do not need this kind of rhetoric, we need reality. The opinions of unfair and unbalanced Bill O'Reilly, the hypocrite Sean Hannity, and the certifiably insane Glenn Beck are part of the ruination of our nation. Their ignorant opinions are not actually funny, they are terrifying. To see these people spouting positively for death threats against Obama, saying San Francisco deserves to be blown up, that Cindy Sheehan was "run" by the far-left of this country, among other spiteful inciting statements, is a downright American news travesty.

David letterman told Bill O 'Reilly to his face that 60% of what Bill said is 'crap'. I myself think it is 100% crap. O' Reilly should tell himself to shut up. His ludicrous incongruities sicken me.

Sean Hannity, the would-be pundit, is just as bad. He's not funny in any way, he is part of the lunatic fringe that Fox knows will confuse the issues, and the people who watch their show. He is also a liar, the same as Bill O' Reilly, and Glenn Beck. He was outed as a iar in a sort of funny way, but it isn't humorous. He said he had never watched ****, but he went to visit  the Bunny Ranch brothel to ask two prostitutes if they believed in god. His show airs the grossest, most disgusting view of America on television. He had the nerve to call Sean Penn an "Enemy of the State". It has been said Hannity has no "journalistic value", and I would whole-heartedly agree.

Glenn Beck is a liar. He's not a patriot. He faked crying, who knows how many times? Even that is not laughable, people believe this man is honest. He plays upon people's desires, people's fears, and people's ignorance.He preys upon the simple minds of Fox's viewers with the nuances of the far-right extremist view he would say is the far-left liberal view. Beck is a provocateur, using whiteboards and little props to convince the  impressionable viewers of Fox that he is a true patriot, when actually, in my view, he is a part of the destruction of our country's true patriotism. Tea parties are for little girls, and the Boston tea party is not something true patriots would actually emulate.

The bias and spin are legendary on this network. Why are people so willing to listen to these ridiculous, unsubstantiated, unethical views on Fox News' shows? They are gullible, that's why. And that's not funny, it's tragic.



Bill O'Reilly before he sold out:

"Action Consumer Troubleshooter"'Reilly_as_the_%22Action_Consumer_trouble_shooter%22_.jpg

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CPA, I do not give a flying finger whether MSNBC is leftie iberal or millie moderate or fricking fixated. I wrote this about Fox, and you have not denied what I said about them, or given us any other facts, just your opinion on others, trying to shiftshpae the thing we are talking about, kind of shill-like, isn't it?<br />
You're only trying to change the subject to another channel. We're on Fox.<br />
Talk about Fox.<br />
"Tell me something good..."

Well, if you are trying to intimate something here, CPA, get to it, are you saying Fox isn't funny? Are you saying Fox doesn't lie? Fox is the subject NOT CNN or MSNBC! The topic is Fox. The topic is Fox. Can you read this? The topic is Fox.

Dan Rather was rolled by Karl Rove. There was a story there.

CPAGuy, I agree that MSNBC has a liberal bias. I don't agree that it is as outrageous in how it expresses its bias as Fox News.

But this says, "FOX is the funniest" <br />
Because it is...

Bad example CPAguy! That story cost Dan Rather his job. Hannity and Beck are regularly celebrated for inciting hatred on their programs, and neither one has been censured by their network. I don't buy the argument that two wrongs make a right. Extreme editorial slants are wrong period. MSNBC, and to a lesser extent CNN have had undeniable bias in their reporting. The problem with Fox is the extremity of the bias.

CPAGuy, It does not matter what papers say before an election, the presidential race is decided by the electoral college, not popular opinion or slanted biased news stories. Polls mean nothing, especially when they say "50/50" and "52/48", they are meaningless actually to the outcome of the 'election'.<br />
Obama was picked back in 2006 or so, it was evident by his rise into the ranks of the rich and famous. Media has something to do with popularity or smearing a candidate to the people, but as I said, popular vote does not win the presidency.<br />
<br />
This is NOT a discussion of the merits of other papers, or news services like CNN, or about who else lies or is slanted, etc. This is a discussion of Fox News.

To dislike like FOX doesn't make one a liberal...

We're talking specifically about Fox here.The problem is, news should not be slanted either way, it is NEWS. Definition of news:<br />
"the presentation of a report on recent or new events in a newspaper or other periodical or on radio or television."<br />
<br />
Not "the biased presentation of a false report filled with opinion and rhetoric on recent or new events in a newspaper or other periodical or on radio or television."

The topic is , "The Best Comedy On TV"<br />
CNN just isn't as funny as FOX...

Who owns what? Who runs television news? See...<br />
...Who owns CNN? or MSNBC? ABC?<br />
by systemfailure Wednesday, Apr. 09, 2003 at 1:43 AM<br />
<br />
"So ya think we have a "free press" eh? Check out who owns who, and who owns what you <br />
<br />
GENERAL ELECTRIC --(donated 1.1 million to GW Bush for his 2000 election campaign) <br />
<br />
Television Holdings: <br />
* NBC: includes 13 stations, 28% of US households. <br />
* NBC Network News: The Today Show, Nightly News with Tom Brokaw, Meet the Press, Dateline NBC, NBC News at Sunrise. <br />
* CNBC business television; MSNBC 24-hour cable and Internet news service (co-owned by NBC and Microsoft); Court TV (co-owned with Time Warner), Bravo (50%), A&E (25%), History Channel (25%). <br />
The "MS" in MSNBC <br />
means microsoft <br />
The same Microsoft that donated 2.4 million to get GW bush elected. <br />
<br />
Other Holdings: <br />
* GE Consumer Electronics. <br />
* GE Power Systems: produces turbines for nuclear reactors and power plants. <br />
* GE Plastics: produces military hardware and nuclear power equipment. <br />
* GE Transportation Systems: runs diesel and electric trains."<br />
<br />
More at:<br />
<br /><br />
<br />
<br />
Comcast will soon or already owns MSNBC, however. Things have changed since 2003.<br />
<br />
"...General Electric Co., which already owns 80 percent. Then GE would sell 51 percent of the company to Comcast."<br />
<br /><br />
<br />
"Josh Silver, executive director of Free Press, a nonprofit organization working for media reform, likens the problem to what occurred with excessive consolidation in the financial industry that led to the economic crisis:<br />
<br />
This train wreck of a deal will hurt all over. It will mean increased costs for cable television service; currently free online NBC content locked behind a pay wall; less opportunity for the distribution of independent media; even fewer choices and less programming diversity. On average, nearly one quarter of all channels offered to cable subscribers will be owned by the bloated Comcast."<br />
<br />
Fox, CNN, MSNBC, what's the difference?<br />
So what do they care for opinion? It's all about profit, not really the politics of America itself. They want people to watch, that's all. They want advertisers to know people are watching. They want us to buy the advertisers' products and services. I think in order to get a free press back, advertisement needs to be segregated from NEWS.<br />
<br />
"Free" does not mean "profitable".<br />
If truth were profitable, they would be selling the truth instead of propaganda that benefits the corporate elite world.

123Lakers, I have never heard MSNBC spouting death threats etc. Keith Olbermann is controversial because he shames and opposes them. I'd do a story on MSNBC being taken over, if anything. They have become somewhat of a joke themselves.<br />
I'm middle of the road, I think, I don't like extremes, actually. I'm not a far anything, just want America restored to its former self, with true freedom of speech, truth in media, and truth in policies.

Wow that almost sounds like Bill O' Reilly has had a rational thought! Oh my! I would like to say to Bill O'Reilly, "Red rover, red rover, send Billy right over!"<br />
I don't want to hate him, but he sometimes says the dumbest things! 100% crap haha<br />
Maybe if he gets off his meds, he will wake up and realize he could actually help us save America from the global elite control we are heading for. Other than that, he is going to be useless soon. People need to realize, he liked the fame and controversy. Mr. O'Reilly used to be much more 'unassuming' about himself. He changed, and he is sometimes so bitter as to be ugly.<br />
I am tired of the silly Obama stuff. This President was 'elected' so they have to deal with it, just as the rest of us had to deal with the Bush Eras. The media is clearly a puppet in this show.<br />
Hopefully, though, some of the newest movements back toward Constitutional law will assist us in getting the media and journalism in general back to what it once was, a bastion for freedom of speech.

While I would agree that all major news media personalities get the big bucks and need to entertain some to get the $ and ratings, it is not a level playing field as far as the degree of distortion. Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh are the worst. Even on Fox News, it isn't a level playing field. I wonder how long Bill O is going to last, as he is starting to say "controversial" things like that the birther movement is nonsense, and maybe CPAC should focus on policy rather than bashing Obama endlessly.

Murdoch news is not worth anything, as it all has an agenda. I could dissect any show and tell what the agenda is, who it benefits and why. After seeing real news, in the 60's, I can tell difference between real and today's 1984 style posit news. It's all meant to hypnotize and patronize. The most surprising thing to me is when the revelation comes that the audience has been fooled, they still don't want to stop listening to the pablum shows. I witnessed that first hand, in the Glenn Beck case where he was fake crying. I have a story on EP about that, and I hope people will realize HE IS JUST AN ACTOR. He says what he is told, he's been bought and sold.<br />
<br />

Welcome to the future...