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10 Stupidest Moments Of "Fox And Friends" In 2011.

Dec 16, 2011

Anyone who has had the misfortune to regularly watch Fox News' morning show, "Fox & Friends",
knows how unique a program it is.
Hidden behind the three friendly, smiling faces of the show's co-hosts Brian Kilmeade, Steve Doucy, and Gretchen Carlson, lie some of the network's most aggressive and unrelenting misinformers.
But just like last year, "Fox & Friends" punctuated it's incessant campaign to promote conservative politics with some occasional funny and outrageous moments.
Therefore, we present "Fox & Friends" stupidest moments of 2011 . Enjoy!

10. Doocy Makes Al Gore Joke With A Random Man Dressed As A Polar Bear In The Background.

9. Carlson Thinks As president, Rick Perry Might Forego Air Force One To Travel By Horse.

8. Peter Doocy Dubs Chinese Prodigy Lang Lang "The Justin Bieber' of Beethoven"

7. "Fox & Friends" Attacks Nickoledeon, "Sponge Bob" For "Pushing a Global Warming
     Agenda based On Unproven Science".

6. Doocy Mocks Obama For Using Binder Clip To Hold Paper Together.

5. Kilmeade Tauts Virginia's Concealed Weapon Law: "Grab Your Gun And Get A Drink And
    Go Drink In Virginia."

4. Kilmeade on United Nations Secretary General Ban-Ki Moon: .."I've Eaten There Before"

3. "Fox & Friends" Explains Oil Drilling: "Just Poke A Hole In The Ground"

2. Kilmeade Cites His "Roomba" (automatic vacuum machine) To Argue For Replacing Air Traffic Controllers With Robots.

1. Kilmeade And Johnson Recommend Profiling And Asking "Are You Here For JHAD?" To Prevent Terrorism.

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goodogstay goodogstay 46-50, M 1 Response Dec 17, 2011

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I agree this one of the worst news programs...but that whole news channel is about as informative as 50 deaf & dumb, caged monkeys! Hugs, LW