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I think families should share meals together. It helps to make a family stronger together. Everyone can talk about each others days and so on and talk about weekend plans. Rather it is take out or a meal prepared at home it is still a meal with the family.

I know alot of families get busy during the week. A mom is driving her kids to different events. A dad is working hard to provide for his family. A kid might get home and have to get themselves supper. The family is getting eating out alot.

To me, I think if families plan to have supper together at least once during the busy week it will help the family get stronger or stay strong. Everyone is around each other. Rather it is take out or a meal prepared at home it is still a meal with everyone in the family. It is family time that a family might not get through the week but at least having supper that one time week will help a busy family have time together.

Thanks for listening

superherojustin superherojustin 22-25, M 3 Responses Aug 1, 2012

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That sounds like a commercial family. Families don't really live that way do they? Except, most families DO need to spend more time together. And dinner is a GREAT idea. I remember dinnertime with my family. It was ALWAYS fun. But now everyone is gone and I really miss those times. =)

im usualy too busy eating at meal times. i wish families would just spend more time together with nothing distracting them, just sitting and talking and being close.

That's a good story my family eats together every night :)