They need their fur, not snotty rich people!
Terrorita Terrorita
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8 Responses Jul 18, 2007

Everyone who wears fur is not "snotty", or wealthy. What do you think of rabbits, they are eaten by many people and their fur is used as well.

Some people even forget we are animals too. Just another ape in fact.

That's fair enough Tia, as a farmer myself I am keen on ethical husbandry, and not wasting a life. I'm just bored with hypocrites, you know? They stand and lecture me on eating meat while holding a suede purse. I laugh actually. It shows so much ignorance.

It's a worthy question. I've lost count of the number of vegetarians and fur protestors who wear leather. You are a vegetarian, of course?

well no, I'm not an idiot who doesn't know that leather is made from animal skin...

So you never wear leather either, right?

Well said!!!! Makes me sick and angry that people are happy to let innocent defenseless animals die just so they can have their fur!!!! I wish I could type what I REALLY REALLY think of them but I'd be kicked off here for using extremely offensive language!!

Yeah! Skinned animals are UGLY! Oh, and those hairless cats... Gads! SOMEONE PUT SOME FUR ON THOSE POOR HIDIOUS CREATURES!