Furries Are Our Friends..

Welcome to Mutual of Homoha's Wild Kingdom..  I'm your Host, Blas.   Today We're going to learn some things about our good friends... Furries. 

There are many misconceptions about Furries, let's begin by clearing some of these...

Not all Furries are bisexual or gay

Not all Furries dress in animal suits to have sex, have sex with stuffed animals, and most of all not with real animals.

While as in all culture, there are those who choose to do things and then use the name Furry as a cover for it. 


I myself am not a Furry, but I am very close friends in RL with several of them and I have some wonderful Furry friends on EP as well.   This story is for all of them :)  

That is all for this installment..  Join us when next time we'll be following the precocious Wombat

BlasphemousAngel BlasphemousAngel
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4 Responses Feb 17, 2010

I wish i had furry friends. I do have a friend who thinks he's a furry, but he thinks being a furry is just liking animals. Yeah, sorry, thats rough buddy.

awesome, that's really cool about the roomies. :) and you're right, the ones that I know are just lots of fun in general. as is usually the case, people that judge and allow misconceptions to distort their views are just missing out!

2 of my roommates are furries, and a few of my other friends.. I've found I kinda gravitate towards furries now lol Most of them are just a lot of fun!

furries just haave fun realy and if u live with them you just get sucked in :)

Good points up there, lots of misconceptions indeed. It's a large fandom with some extremes here and there, but myself and the furries I know are really just good natured people that feel a connection to animals and have an affinity for anthropomorphic art and the like. <br />
<br />
For sure though, it's the negative aspects that attract the most publicity, and most people don't get a chance to see much else. Glad to hear you've experienced otherwise, on and offline alike. :D