The First Time I Realized Gay Men Were Hot:

Was in 6th grade when my ex (who was an extremely attractive and atheltic tall kid with a boyish face[(^.^even still today)] ) came walking up to me hand in hand with another slightly smaller more frail boy and made out with him in front of me then walked away. At first i was flustered and pissed then I laughed because I was jealous and a bit turned on and i said &iquote "well **** you that was hot" and moved on. He was mad for awhile after that but soon got over what ever his problem was and I had been fond of him since then so we've been friends ever since.
Kahlista Kahlista
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1 Response Jun 6, 2012

I know a ton of girls like you who get turned on by watching two guys make out. I am bi so all the girls I'm friends with ask me to make out with my boyfriend in front of them. They're happy. I'm happy.

Lucky you xx