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Yeah!gay Men Are Hot!

thats why sometime I wish I was gay.. Im in the wrong body!
Im looking for bisexual men..Im open minded.. WHo wouldn't want to join the fun of 2 gay couples.. sometimes life isn't fair...
Irahh Irahh 22-25, F 10 Responses Jul 30, 2012

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hello baby lets chat

would adore you baby!

I'm bisexual and few things are as much of a turnon as putting on a show for an appreciative woman. The world needs more girls like you.

I am gay and love being with women maybe we could meet some how

Thank you and could we be friends and chat

thats so sweet :)

I'm bi. I love your posts, Pls add me. X

I'm bi

yes i am

Awwhh you noticed me lol

I envy you... How I wish Im gay.. have you seen the movie Romeos? got me thinking of making meself a guy then go look for smokin hot gays!hee hee! My friends says Im handsome, while my brother is pretty,,though my bro is straight.. Im the only twisted one in the family,,but they love me so what the hell! hee hee!! can you be my friend??pleaseeeeeeeee? <3

We should get married and get guys and girls together lol

I'm a friend ...

Oh thank-you. I thought i was weird

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