Hurting For A Straight Man

I fell madly in love with a straight guy. Now it hurts that he's left me when our emotional private feelings hit him. We have been sexually involved. Finding it hard to get over him.
iAloneMatt iAloneMatt
46-50, M
3 Responses Sep 5, 2012

Matt, there are so many guys out there and so many delicious dicks, it is hard but you 'll find a lot more that you will enjoy. Try not to make it such a big love thing and just have fun sucking and getting sucked being naked with and enjoying people. Be sensuous and frisky and you will find the people you really get along with and can love in the end.

This has happened to me, though I wasn't involved with the dude, I fell in love with him and he flirted with me a lot. Hope you get over it somehow.

Always a tough one I feel your loss, I have had that happen once and it did not end well either ... Hope you get over it soon