Don't Breed


 I have a male homosexual friend who is now 60 and several female lesbian friends who are in their 50s and none of them have children! All of my heterosexual friends have at least two or three offspring. Overpopulation is the number one cause of pollution, over use of limited resources, and global warming. Breeders need to have fewer children. Vasectomies would help keep family size to a manageable level and reduce population growth. However, encouraging any one who even suspects they might be gay to embrace there gayness would mean far fewer children brought into this overcrowded world. YEA GAYS! GO **** EACHOTHER AND SAVE THE WORLD!!!  
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5 Responses Mar 22, 2009

Even if I was fully straight, I couldnt fathom bringing a child into this world. Its such a disgusting, selfish act.

Nope, they just need to **** eachother...DD

I was really expecting a story about how gays could save the world through musicals or somthing like that. I mean, if I didn't grow up in New York, I'd have thought that gangs fight each other by singing and dancing suggestively, ala West Side Story.

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Change and TheRealWoman would you agree that I am just full of good ideas or at least full of "it"...DD

Yes, it does in a round about way. ;)