Don't Breed


 I have a male homosexual friend who is now 60 and several female lesbian friends who are in their 50s and none of them have children! All of my heterosexual friends have at least two or three offspring.

Overpopulation is the number one cause of pollution, over use of limited resources, and global warming. Breeders need to have fewer children. Vasectomies would help keep family size to a manageable level and reduce population growth.

However, encouraging any one who even suspects they might be gay to embrace there gayness would mean far fewer children brought into this overcrowded world.


Dewduster Dewduster
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12 Responses Mar 22, 2009

lagenomai- how do you know parents were not gay? In fact, how do you you know your parents were not gay? 40 years ago a lot of gays married to keep there cover. Some still do.<br />
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debrarose- I think it was a little weird that I didn't get paid for jacking off. Darn. Fertility clinic get paid a lot today!<br />
Seriously debrarose, how was the service we were doing different then what Fertility clinic's are doing today? (Other then all the paper work.) Thanks for Saying I was doing something weird as I am very proud of my weird life. I am 65 and in poor health but I have a LOT of great memories. I regret nothing and only wish I had done a lot more weird stuff. YEA WYRD…I mean weird. <br />
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To bad we didn’t met when I was 20 something. I’ll bet we could have had fun doing something weird together.<br />
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NANSELTAR!!! I will now think of you every time I see or hear my name. LMFAO!!! WOW.<br />
I know if we had met when we were both young and single that we would have gave new meaning to WEIRD!!!!!!!! OMGoddess!!!...DD

Ha, ha... Yes.. We have Our ways.... <br />
<br />
Although I must say, turkey basters do not turn me on at all...

okay. dewduster. that is just plain weird.

HAH! And YOU gave ME a hard time about population control. I told you They Have Their Ways!<br />
<br />
Gives a whole new meaning to the name "Dewduster"....

True story. After my son was born a number of my wife's lesbian friends and their friends loved my son and some wanted a child like him.<br />
I was kept busy depositing ***** into a turkey injector and then my wife would go into the other room and complete the Immaculate Conception.<br />
<br />
We had a kind of pagan fertility clinic going.<br />
<br />
A few rules. 1. No charge. 2. I never saw the recipient or knew the results. 3. No records.<br />
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Of course, my wife was a midwife and I did notice an increase number of lesbian clients…DD

(Laughing uncontrollably.) Lots of gay people want children and THEY HAVE THEIR WAYS to get them. Then there are those who have kids and THEN discover they are gay. Like my husband's ex-wife. Her seven became my seven. Two sets of twins. ROTFL!

They didn’t have children from having sex with there gay partner! Like I said "**** EACHOTHER...!!!"<br />
This a simple plan, don't mess it up NANSELTAR by bringing your weird gay friends into it. OMGoddess! Only NANSELTAR would have a gay friend with SEVEN kids. <br />
Darn it NANSELTAR ,you have a duty to save the world from over popularization and you need to go to your gay friends and explain to them that they could loose their rights to march in the next Gay Pride Parade if they go play on the other team. What is the world coming to when gay people are having more children then breeders. PEOPLE! You have got to find your box and stay in it....DD

Most of my gay friends have children. One has seven!

It was a bad foreskin joke...sorry.

I have faith that humans will find some way to invite the horsemen to the party. LMAO. Note” There were actually FIVE horsemen as behind Death came Hell.<br />
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BrutMystik- I don't get it...DD

haven't you seen that one?<br />
<br />
"The four Horsemen skin?"

Er-umm - Does this mean the Four Horsemen are out of a job??