Grind My Face Please................

You have just brought the Woman to the edge of no return with how you have 0rally pleasured her. Then she gets real anxious in her movements and the urgency of her joyous moans. You have your tongue pressed firmly against her Clitoris and she grinds deep into you. Soaking your face with her delightful moistness, and driving you wild with her intoxicatingly sweet aroma.

She starts to **** your face by rotating hip hips as she is crouched above you making you feel like you are in Heaven. Teasingly, she slows to take in the moment by just crouching above you with gently contact with the tip of your tongue. Then she lowers into you and f*cks your face with more urgency. You tongue and face being whipped by her anxious movements.

The room is lit up by her screams of delight and you muffled joyous moans.....

You feel her tingle and shudder as she loses control and soaks your face with her sweet delightful nectar....

Such has been the turn on for you...... that you shot you load at the first gyration of her hips above your face..........
juicyboy21 juicyboy21 22-25, M 3 Responses Jan 3, 2012

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My husband told me that men don't like that and any man that says he does is a liar. I always believed him.

hugest turn on

My current boyfriend dosent seem to love it but i have had men in my life that truly do and i miss it ...alot!

oh im addicted to it, i just need to think of it and i get turned on

There is nothing like the superb taste and aroma of a woman's pleasure organ when she is aroused. I love to part the lips gently with my fingers and slowly move my tongue up and down the soft pink tissue in between her vulva. then running my tongue over her little (probably swollen by now) **** and gently sucking it into my lips and slowly sucking on it for a considerable period. Then withdrawing my mpoth down to her vagina and inserting my tongue to enable me to transfer her warm ***** lubricant into my mouth lapping it all up. Then I go back up to the clitty again and repeat the whole cycle over again until my face is soaked, I have swallowed heaps of love potion and she is moaning in delight. Oh yes!!!!!!!!

Can I climb on,.............. hot story

yes love you to ride my face