Beck Is Just Another Gop Propagandist From "tricky ****" To All Of The Fox Entertainers.

Beck's Restoring Honor rally is just another GOP propaganda maneuver.
winsonsmith winsonsmith
1 Response Sep 6, 2010

Honor, HHHMMMMMM, He has to show some respect FIRST. Using the same "Platform" that Dr. King used originally was just hype, nothing else. While he may not like President Obama, Mr. Obama is still the President--Respect the Office at least. Many of these GOP'ers put themselves above the rest of us, they think they know better. Just saying NO to everything is not being smarter it is just dumbing out. Two words I haven't heard the GOP use are: Compromise and Cooperation, these seem to be strangely absent from their lexicon as well as the Tea Parties and Talk Radio. Because they don't hold All the cards they behave like a spoiled 2 year old--I want it and I want it now and you can't have any of it! Look how hotly they contested the Presidental elections since 2000. Look at the people involved, a Stealth VP we had, I remember Mr. Agnew, you may not have agreed with him but you knew where he stood--I liked him for that. Despite what happened to him later, I believed his intentions at first were honest and honorable. The Chief of Staff in the last admin, I don't know how that man can sleep at night. The Dems aren't perfect either but it seems this whole deal in Washington to getting dirtier and more nasty--it takes two to tangle. If it was up to me I would send both parties for a "Time out". The people voted for Mr. Obama--get over it. This country is in bad shape--get to work on it. Compromise, Cooperate--just do it. This song playing now is old and scratchy and the people are sick of listening to it--- ALL the time.