Do you guys really think that chopping down masses of trees, burning them, and the worlds fossil fuels, which has only happened in the last 200 years, has not and will not effect the entire planet. forget about warming the planet, think more of making the atomsphere completely unbreathable and all the grass and nutrient rich parts of the world turning to sandy desert. we are looking at mass ecosystem extinction all the herbivours dieing entire tropic levels wiped out resulting in a collapse of entire food chains.

Unfortunately if gobal warming is not halted, the stress on the ecosystem will cause resources to become extremely rare and countrys will go to war over them it has happened in the past the only difference being we didnt have nuclear weapons.

No if everybody pretends golbal warming doesnt excist untill its unreversable nuclear war will extiguish the human race.
Friendlyphysists Friendlyphysists
1 Response Dec 13, 2012

Try to improve your spelling and grammar. I agree with you but I would like to see you argue coherently.