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You Think God Hates You Because He Makes You Suffer.

It's true. But sometimes, we suffer because of people who go against God's teachings and decide to hurt others, not because of God himself. Jesus Christ suffered. He never sinned! So maybe if God makes you suffer it is because he loves you, not because he hates you.
iloveyouwithallofmyheart iloveyouwithallofmyheart 16-17, F 3 Responses Jan 21, 2013

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If that's so then he's not worth praying to I'm sick of some one who watches me suffer day to day but yet he knows my pain **** life

It isn't worth it to worship an abuser anyways. We are the force. This god hasn't shown himself to us as a whole. I believe if we want this world to be better, we must work together and do it.

God forsakes people I believe. He is often kind and good and often cruel and malicious

I believe we shall suffer in this world as a effect of being imperfect and living with imperfect fallen beings. Now if you suffer alone without support or help then you suffering is double. But if you have God and His Spirit strenghtening you and giving you peace of mind in the midst of suffering then your suffering is halved.

All Praise The Ancient Of Days