Doesn't Ep Prove It?

I mean think about if God did not have a sense of humor how could a place like this possibly exist? I got into a very long drawn out conversation one time with a teacher about the fact that God knew every decision everyone would make, yet we still had free will. To me that seemed impossible how could it be that I could do anything on my own than, he says well you still need to make the choice God just knows what it will be - talking about messin with a 16 yr old kids head I am thinking that this 60 year old guy is wrong, at the time I not only had him for class he used to drive me home so we carried on this discussion for a long time! I am talking hours. He finally convinced me (not an easy task) that I could have free will and God could still know what choices I would make.

Which brings me to the point of this story at some time this entity we refer to as God unleashes people who will create EP and people who will join - knowing full well that he can now mess with people all over the world! Its like God - all three personalities Father, Son, and holy Spirit, or as I learned recently if your in India the Generator, the Organizer, and the Destroyer or GOD (which freaked me out and made me think alot) well these three must have gotten together and said what kind of place can we create to wreak true havoc with people and still have it be a positive place, well one of them must have said it has to be a place where folks can express their inner feelings so we will not require real names or proof of who they are, another must have said we should make it free than since we won't be verifying ID anyways, and the third must have said well lets get them to share stories so that even months later we can mess with people who may have forgotten what they wrote. Once they all agreed they unleashed the people who would create and run EP.

At which point the fun began, I mean this place is amazing it has brought me the greatest joy I have ever known, it has caused me to be more confused than I ever thought possible, it has allowed me to meet some of the most wonderful people ever, who I may never really meet ... and thats the humor most of us know something about each other but we really don't know if we are conversing with someone who is crying their eyes out or laff'in their butt off. As someone recently pointed out to me I can be 100% honest but you only know what I tell you ... add to that the fact that you can come and go as you please have multiple personalities and really mess with folks and your have the most wonderful, and at time horrible place ever. A place where minutes quickly turn into hours and hours to days.

A place where we can feel so close yet be so far away ... a place where hearts can become as one but hands may never touch ... I mean come on someone else said it seems like someone is just playing with our emotions - and hence the point of my story that someone would be God! and remember there are three entities involved here - which all the time I was growing up I was told was a mystery - must have decided would be the fun part. Lets see if they can help each other if we let them all freely interact. For its been wonderful most of the time. I truly believe my life is better i soared with the eagles and felt lower than the dirt since I have been here but when i fall down I keep standing back up and brushing off the dirt and go out and try again. I bet if you look at this place from God's point of view its kind of hysterical!

SantanaRex SantanaRex
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I don't think this place is like God, but it can be used as a tool to hurt or encourage.<br />
I prefer the latter. I prefer to be a person that instills positive images and gives good advice to inspire, to console, to enjoy and to LOVE.