I Believe That

i think god sees our tears even if we hide from others and he sends a sign we aren alone,he sends his angels to be near us.

even if noone knows,he sees us and the angels come and take care of us..they just say''its ok..''..and give us strength

amysangels amysangels
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i dont understand...what do u mean?

sorry ermm.. I repeated myself... I'm really nervous when talking to Christians...

you guys... You're such nice people.<br />
I just love it when people commune so nicely without bad words, or vibes.. It's really refreshing.. thanks for that.<br />
<br />
uhm.. about "God" ..... it's such an elaborate subject.... uhm.. why do christians get angry if you ask questions about "God" ? Id it not their life mission to "convert" every living human being to christianity? - or spread the gospel to the 4 corners of the earth?<br />
I would just like to know: If it is their only mission in life (to glorify "God") - why do they get angry if one questions it? - Is it not your mission to "guide" the "non-believers" with the love of the divine ?

that would be nice wolf..<br />
heh june :) hugs*

Sometimes He sends a dragon too, disguised as a Hello Kitty to make one's day a little better :)

i know..<br />
love u lorraine*u are an angel too for me

Yes HE sends angels, and sometimes HE sends help and cuddles in the form of people to be there for you.... AP is certainly one of your Angels

thanku eyeno..


Yes they do sweet Amy. Especially for those who believe with such unquestioning innocence and conviction as you. <br />
<br />
~ big hug ~

yeah redlady.<br />
hugs laura*

I believe you're right Ames. :)