A Cry For Help To God And His Angels

I was ask to share my story with the group about Angels being near us.  I believe this is true because my

life was saved when I called upon God and his Angels to save me. One dark night in March of 2004 I was

home alone and I decided to go to the store, so I went out to my car, and out of the blue I was attacked from

behind, this man covered my mouth and nose with his hand, so I could not scream out for help, he said

if you do not do what I want you to I will break your neck, I felt weak because I was not getting any air to breath,

his grip was so tight around my mouth and nose I just felt like I was going to die, I could feel the tears rolling

down my face and thinking Oh God please don't let this be my last day on earth, God please make him stop

and go away, this was my cry in the dark. He held me for about 5 minutes like this, my legs got weak and he started

dragging me to the drivers side of my car, he said get in and drive,  I complied with his request, I new I had no choice,

I was driving very slowly in hopes of spotting a police car, I had to stop for a red light, and this made the man

very angry at me, he said if the next light is red I am going to shot you. Thank God it was green.  Out of the blue a police car

pulls up beside me, he said one wrong move and I will kill you.  I new he meant this, has the police car drives on by 

I proceed to drive very slowly  in hopes of getting pulled over for something. I said these words to myself,

     God please send your Angels down to help me out, this maybe my last day on earth and I really need the help.

Out of the blue the car cuts itself off, The man said What did you do?? in his angry voice, I said I did not do anything.

  The car ran out of gas in the road, he said try starting it again , it would not start. I new the Angels were working

for me at that moment, and I new God was watching over me, because the man said something strange is

going on and what the Hell I am getting the Hell out of here and he took off running through the woods and

left me alone, I praised the Lord, and said Thank you God for sending your beloved Angels to help me out,

After this I try ed to start the car one last time, and Guess what, the car started for me, I saw a police car

and put on my flashers and pulled over to the side of the road to get help.  My face had finger marks on it, from being

held so tight by this man

the officer could see this and my eyes looked like I had a strange stair to them like I was in another

world out of reach, he said the trauma has really taken it's hold on you, I will take some of this statement,

and we will be on the look out for this man. I was so dis trout I could not think straight. The officer said let

me take you to the hospital, I replied thanks but I am all right, really, but the next 2 days I was not alright,

my head hurt and I kept getting dizzy,  and having flash backs of that night.so I went in to see a doctor, she said You have been through some

kind of trauma, I was thinking How could she tell?? I felt so ashamed of my self, I did not want to tell her,

but my daughter went in the doctors office with me, and told the doctor, yes she has, but if I tell you in front

of her she will start crying and cry for days.  She talked to my daughter in her office and said I do not want

your mother to go back to work for at least a week, if her behavior continues then we may have to seek further

help for her well being, To this day I will not go outside in the dark by myself for he is still out there waiting

for his  victim.  What pain I have suffered at the hands of a stranger for he had a ski mask covering his

face so I could not give a description of him to the police.  To this day he is still out there somewhere.

Enclosing I will say it was by the grace of God and his loving angels of protection that saved my life.

Thank you God for your many blessings

Thewronglady Thewronglady
46-50, F
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Not all the time.God send himself

I would like to thank each and everyone for your comments on this story,<br />
and I do beleive that God sends his angels to earth to help us out in our<br />
time of need, his angels are many, for everytime a good deed is done<br />
here on earth, then he or she is earning there wings and there place<br />
in :Heaven" just this thought alone , makes me want to earn my wings!!!!!!!!!!!<br />
<br />
Keep your faith strong and May God bless you in all you do.

At best you might of been robbed , raped and left for dead,,,I think you are lucky but that is a warning to everyone and that you feel God had a hand in you surviving is important to you but the message of what to do within the first few moments of you attack is going to determine the outcome. I am glad you are alright and I hope with time you heal in your body and mind. I read a story in the Bible once about a kid named David and a warrior named Goliath. I think that in spite of fear, I find strength in the will of God, with faith as my weapon I will slay you with these three rocks and my sling. I am an atheist but find a message is there for anyone to want to believe should. The mindset is everything before the battle begins and the outcome a conclusion to what was evident. Even in the dark there is God still to protect you with your faith as your weapon.

I too! believe strongly in Angels, also the power of prayer, :-) Omg! i don't know what i would have done in your situation i don't think i am that brave, i really don't, God, thank goodness, must have been listening to you that time to send Angels to save you, which i truly believe he did! :-) Thank you for sharing this story hon! :-)

I'm sorry you went through that......i cannot imagine how i would have felt,i had an incident happen to me once in the dark but nothing to compare to your situation but after that even to this day if i'm out in my car i have the doors on lock and i try my best not to have to walk alone at night.<br />
You were Truly saved by the Angels!!!!<br />
Love and Light Dear Friend.