Is it weird that I kind of hate all of my friends? :/
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Sounds like you really don't have any true friends; just associates that hang out with.

Thank you! Somebody who understands! that's exactly how I feel

Nope. Unless I am weird too.

If you hate then why/how do you consider them friends?

I love the and all, but I can tell that they don't respect me or support me


So should we just say that hate is a strong word? I could agree with that, I feel friends are people you keep in your life for a specific reason or quality that they have

They're people that I wish were out of my life and yet I can't live without's complicated

Enough said. I have someone like that in my life. I'm sorry you have multiples they are a hard bread to deal with

Yeah it sucks :( but ah well, going to uni in 3 weeks, so guess I'll make some new friends

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Eh. Maybe. As long as they're honest to you, no matter what, you should be satisfied? I don't know. Doesn't take a lot to please me.