I am currently going to college; however even when in college i STILL meet people who can not form a cohesive sentence, i mean really, how hard is it? i am currently going into linguistics with an emphasis in foreign languages, but what i really hope to do is one day teach high school (juniors and seniors) so that maybe for once we can restore proper English to our younger generations. i can only hope, and work hard, but i know that i am not alone. i know that there are many people that are doing the same thing as we speak, and i hope to help these people in the future, to continue the work that they have already put forth.

For all of those people out there that agree with me and many of the other people on this page, i hope that one day the English language can be restored.

Going off on a random tangent here, but really ladies how hot is it when a guy comes up and hits on you sounding like a third grader? the best thing that guys can do to give them a chance, at all, at picking up a decent girl is to speak to her properly not like some ghetto wrapper (especially when your white, it just looks bad. . . no racism intended).

i will admit, my spelling is not the greatest, and sometimes i have quite the eccentric punctuation, but at last i am working on it everyday to improve my language skills. 
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Dec 12, 2012