Teenagers Don't All Have Terrible Grammar.

Not only do I try my best to formulate a sentence with a proper sentence structure, but also, I try to use sesquiledarian words... like sesquiledarian. If someone can't make a sentence that's at least as coherent as what I'm typing right now, they automatically can't be my friends. Sometimes, I can tolerate it, but I can't when people use horrific grammar outside of IM/IRC. I am fine with a few abbreviations, such as "lol," or "brb," or "omg," or "rofl," but I cannot stand it when one uses grammar in text style outside of texting. Even then, nowadays, keyboards come with QWERTY format on phones. There is no reason one should be abbreviating text anymore. I also like inventing words using etymology. I often slap on a prefix or a suffix to a root word to make my own word, because I often am at a lack of words, and need to make one up to describe my condition or emotion.
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I had to look up that word.



You have to admit though that 99% is pretty high.

I never said anything about 99%. Even if I did, I don't deny the use of hyperbole.