This grammatically incorrect title is everything. It's "proper grammar" not "good grammar."
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Can you define the word "good" in the title? Does "good" mean technically accurate, effective or interesting? Grammatical and syntactical constructions which are technically inaccurate can create authentic and effective voices...

Actually, Good can function as both as an adjective and a noun, adjective, and adverb, so that title is grammatically correct :/

Oops, made a blunder there, "can function as an adjective, noun, and adverb" sorry about that :/

Damn it. Here I was thinking I was smart.

Lol XD we all make mistakes, though I do see where you were coming from

You are straight up stalking my posts and obsessing over my political point of view. Dude, chill. Your thirsty to "take down" a liberal. Stop being flowery with your language. The way you write is verbose which you condemn ^^^. You praise Republicans for being simple in language and yet you write like you're trying to be Tolstoy. CHILL.

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