When people talk/type to me with proper grammar, I'm just more inclined to converse with them. I am especially annoyed by the excessive ellipses....after every sentence.....and the "ur cool lets b friends" people.
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Couldn't agree more.

U must be British !


Lol- my grammar sucks,so u don't like me huh?

U are so small to make such strict rules around you . You can find more in a person who is not gud in one thing he maybe gud at something maybe more important :). Stay great !

It's not that I don't like you. I don't know enough about you to make a fair judgment of your character. I understand what you mean, so thank you for the advice. :)

Sure :) I thought you were under 16 .you my age that's great!

That's cool :)

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I take them more seriously when they can interact using proper grammar.