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WOW, what's not to say about those with bad grammar, especially on the internet. I have seen the english language almost mutilated to the point of unrecognizability.  Between cell phones, ebonics and internet jargon, we have gotten to the place where english has been literally 'butchered'.  I know a few if not many of you have some of the same thoughts, care to elaborate on yourlike-minded opinions?

I'm all ears..............

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Have gotten? Errr.....

Thank you for bringing up the topic!<br />
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I thoroughly agree!....The use of double negatives is my pet hate!<br />
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..."I didn't do nuthin!"..e.g!..Where has our language gone?<br />
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....For what do we pay our teachers!...Certainly not SPELLING and COMPREHENSION!<br />
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Teachers do a great job educating their students in the various fields of English and grammar. Unfortunately a teacher doing a great job is not enough anymore, as it seems the further we have progressed the lazier and lazier students are becoming. I asked one of my best friends recently why she didn't care a slight bit about her grammar or spelling, nothing far from expected, as she said "Who needs to spell when you have technology that can fix it for you!". Technology has created new forms of the English language such as "text-talk", e.g. "ctch u ltr, bff!". They have become plum lazy when it comes to texting and talking to others via IM, games, and other things of the sort. We all have a minor flaws in our grammar once and a while that we let slip by because of lack of attention, but that does not excuse the pure laziness that text-talk and things like it have caused!