If You Can;t Get It Then Call It! Phone Sex Is The Awesome

I looove phone sex. The freakier the better. Taboo and that means anything and I mean anything goes. Dirty, nasty, alley cat style. Call me and ask for Trailer Park Tramp Teri for a free 10 minute phone call. I have zero morals! I will talk to you about anything and get you off like a rocket. 1 877 773 5858
jessicacandy86 jessicacandy86
1 Response Jul 16, 2010

LOL ... jessicacandy86, right now, I bet you couldn't get me off~! I'm presently locked in a steel chastity belt ... one that goes around the waist and completely covers all my "stuff". I can get excited, aroused, and dripping, but just haven't yet been able to get off while locked inside this thing ... I think it just might be fun to have someone try ... well, I've HAD someone try ... several someone's try! ... in person, ...up close and naked all over me ... just couldn't get off inside this thing .. but it sure is fun to be all wound up like that!